Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A claustrophobic master bathroom, half-bath, or powder room will completely ruin your day. However, a small room, out-of-date fixtures, and inadequate lighting do not have to be permanent. Your bathroom can be updated with the assistance of an experienced contractor. Full Scale Renovations is here to assist you in your quest for a reliable bathroom remodeler.

We’ve seen a lot of amazing small bathroom remodel ideas and outcomes. And, unlike a full home renovation or major kitchen remodel project, a bathroom renovation can be done fairly quickly and without a great disturbance to your life. Here are some suggestions to help you meet your small bathroom renovation goals, whether you’re doing a complete remodel or just a few changes.

Shower or bathtub combo

An old, oversized tub will take up a lot of room in your bathroom. A smaller tub will help you save space. Compact tubs are available in the same way that compact sinks and toilets are. They may have a less conventional appearance and feel, but they get the job done and allow you to make better use of the room you have.

Another choice is to get rid of the bathtub and replace it with a standing shower. To avoid the space limitations of a swinging door, a walk-in shower may have bright tiles and a sliding glass shower door. The following are some other shower/tub ideas:

  • Shower bench made to order for comfort and style.
  • Shower niches and space-saving shelves
  • Near the bathtub, a tray/caddie to store toiletries.
  • The pattern on the floor continued into the bathroom.
  • Instead of a door, a shower curtain was used.
  • To visually lengthen the walls, use a taller shower curtain.

Pocket Doors

A swinging entry door will restrict the amount of available floor space and storage. A pocket door that retracts into the wall expands the available space in a small bathroom. It only takes up a few inches of the adjacent room’s volume. Any skilled remodelling contractor can reframe the wall to make room for the sliding door.

New Vanity Cabinets

There are several modern cabinet designs to consider. If you have a small amount of floor space, consider vertical cabinetry, such as that which uses your wall space to store linens and other products. Cabinet sinks that are bulky are often unnecessary. Sinks with floating basins save space and have a distinctive look, plus you can add a ledge for everyday necessities

The interior of a modern bathroom features a trendy mirror, a vessel sink, and a glass shower stall.

Tall mirrored cabinets, built-in cabinets, and open cabinetry that can hold wicker baskets and bowls are all good options.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cabinet you have; you won’t be able to use it unless you arrange your interior storage. It should be divided into sections for the storage of different types of objects. Trays can hold smaller beauty and personal hygiene items, while large buckets can hold brushes, flat irons, and hair dryers.

New Tile Flooring

Maintaining a clean bathroom floor is beneficial, but there are periods when it is important to replace your bathroom floor. The room’s old, worn floors don’t do it justice. Ceramic tile is more costly, but it can also be used in the bathroom. Some homeowners go so far as to stretch the floor tile all the way up the walls!

Matching the colour of the floor tile to the colour of the walls, complementing it, or making a contrast may give the impression of more room.

Oversized Mirrors

It can seem that a small mirror is more practical. A larger one, on the other hand, will make your bathroom feel more spacious. A tall mirror over the sink would suffice, or a wall-to-wall mirror can be mounted. It can help to brighten up a room where there isn’t a lot of natural light.

Accent Wall in the Bathroom with Shiplap

Even if there isn’t much wall space, a small mirror will provide enough reflection to brighten up the room. If necessary, a few small mirrors can be added. They increase the visual space by allowing light to bounce off more surfaces.

Additional Lighting

Updating your lighting fixtures will make your bathroom appear larger. Suspended ceiling fixtures emphasise the room’s small size. Another problem is dim or insufficient lighting, which makes the bathroom feel claustrophobic. Try the following to approach the space problem from this angle:

  • Backlit mirror: Increases the amount of light that can be reflected while also improving visibility.
  • Recessed lighting takes up little room since it is recessed into the ceiling.
  • Skylight: A skylight is a natural light source that comes directly from above.
  • Colorful bulbs are one-of-a-kind and save money on paint.
  • Don’t close any windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Shower curtains can also block light from entering the room. One reason to add clear glass doors is for this reason.

In a small space, the colour of the paint is crucial. The best colours are light ones. Avoid dark colours and starkly contrasting hues in your colour scheme, which should be mostly monochromatic. If your trim is white, you can add more colour if you want; warm white, icy blue, and seafoam green are common options. You can also use a lighter crown moulding that complements the ceiling. If you want to reflect more light, high-gloss paint will help you make the most of what little natural light you have.

Curved Forms

Although a round mirror is simple in nature, it can be an excellent addition to a small bathroom. Curved corner vanities, which can avoid bruises if you are continually bumping into them, and small round tables for powder rooms are other small bathroom remodel ideas with this definition in mind. Corner sinks are a great way to save space. When pedestal models aren’t an option, they’re a great alternative. Faucets that are fixed on the wall are also a good idea.

Repeating Patterns

Patterns are also overlooked as useful design features. Rich colour contrasts and cool tones can be used to improve neutral colour schemes. With ornate wall paper that contrasts with clear lines, a patterned rug, and eye-catching shapes like big squares and wide stripes, you can achieve the desired visual effect.

Wood-style floor tiles also offer a variety of ways to add patterns and warmth to a room. They can also be used to complement other items including bright fixtures and glass showers.

Towel Storage

Towel storage seems to be a problem for many people. A small bathroom, if not properly built, can make it even more difficult. This does not have to be the case, however. Towels will still be within reach if a towel bar is mounted to the entry door or the shower door, and a floating sink/countertop may have a towel bar underneath it. A towel bar may also be attached to the side of a cabinet.

Take into account the colour of the towels as well. The best towels for brightening up a room are white ones. However, some people prefer brighter colours, such as red, so your choice is based on your personal preferences or the design of your bathroom.


In small bathrooms, getting rid of the furniture will help to free up space. Instead of having a built-in vanity, use cabinets. They can be very stylish and are ideal for storing objects where they are needed. Over a sink or even above the toilet, floating shelves may be placed. To eliminate the need for a bulky cabinet, opt for several small shelves.

Wall Coverings

As previously mentioned, wallpaper can be an important visual feature. Many people would want less coverage and fewer design elements, but you should let your motif take center stage. Larger patterns can alter the perception of space in your bathroom.

Plan Your Next Small Bathroom Remodel

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