Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling

Don’t put off your new bathroom renovation. We can make the process easy and exciting to help get you the bathroom of your dreams.

If you’ve always wanted a bathroom as grand as you are but are afraid that remodeling a master bathroom suite would be too difficult, fear not—we will show you exactly how we can transform your old bathroom into one fit for royalty. For parents who previously shared a bathroom with the rest of the family, adding a master bathroom can be truly life-changing.

We’re ready to get to work on his and hers counters, a big walk-in steam shower, a jet tub that serves as a serious escape, or a space with a view (or all of the above). We can help with anything from privacy glass block windows to clawfoot tubs for a touch of sophistication to subway tile and brick for a rustic or modern look.

Full Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom can be used by your children or guests and is a perfect addition to the master bedroom or a guest bedroom in your house. Since your home’s complete bathroom is likely to get a lot of use, it’s critical to build one that’s as practical and robust as it is attractive.

Consider the cost and advantages of having a full bathroom or three-quarter bathroom for visitors if you’re thinking about adding a half bathroom or powder room. Although it might not seem appropriate right now, adding a full or quarter bathroom to your home can be done with just slightly more square footage if you opt for a standup shower rather than a tub.

Bathroom Remodel In Abbotsford

Powder Rooms And Half Baths

Since powder rooms are mainly used by visitors, the aim is to create a powder room that will impress anyone you welcome into your home while remaining functional. Powder rooms, also known as half bathrooms or guest bathrooms, are usually small. So you can install a modern powder room without using up too much of your private living space by remodeling.

When you need to install a guest bathroom, coat closets, wide entryways, and borrowed space from neighboring rooms are all typical practices. Allow our bathroom remodeling professionals to show you different layout options based on your floor plan.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

Noise is normally a problem for most homeowners due to the proximity of their bedroom to their bathroom. If the bathroom does not have any windows, an exhaust fan should be mounted to assist with moisture removal. A modern inlet valve should also be installed if you want to reduce the noise created by your toilet tank when it is being refilled.

The majority of en suite bathrooms are attached to the master bedroom, but depending on your home’s layout, there may be exceptions. They’re designed to be more private than guest bathrooms, allowing you to add a more personal or artistic touch. They are convenient because they are close to the bedroom and allow you to retain a comfortable level of privacy.

En suite bathrooms, which date back to the 1960s, have become ubiquitous in modern homes. To make your en suite bathroom a distinct selling point, you can install basic or elegant upgrades. If you don’t already have one, you can build one by converting a wide closet or adding a space to the bedroom.

En suite bathrooms also have the benefit of being adaptable in terms of style, design, and size; this is your blank slate and you can do anything you want with it! Especially if you’re starting from scratch with an en suite bathroom. Simply ensure that it meets your home’s size and regulation requirements so that it can blend in with the rest of your decor.

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Jack And Jill Bathrooms

Bathrooms that are shared by two or more children with adjoining rooms are known as jack and jill bathrooms. Our design experts can work with you to build a bathroom that grows with your children, such as transitioning toilets (a toilet with a seat that can be adjusted as the child progresses beyond potty training), graded step-down basins for the shower, non-slip surfaces, and towel hooks that can be replaced with towel bars.

The best thing about having a jack and jill bathroom is that both children have convenient access to it for overnight trips, and they each have their own sink and preparation area. We can build and instal a new jack and jill bathroom between your children’s existing bedrooms, or we can renovate your existing jack and jill bathroom to meet the needs of your growing children.

Three Quarter Bathroom Remodeling

A three-quarter bathroom is one of the most unique bathroom styles, referring to a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower but no tub. These bathrooms are often found in home additions, in-law suites, or basements and are suitable for visitors or as a second bathroom.

Use as much of your bathroom’s space as possible; if your bathroom is on the small side, you’ll need to use your imagination to build the space to make it appear larger. If you want to open up the room, glass doors for tubs and showers are ideal, and pedestal sinks are ideal because they take up less space than cabinets. Both cabinets and tower cabinets above the toilets, as well as towel racks, are ideal for those who need storage but do not have a lot of available space.

Custom Glass Shower

Your Imagination Is The Only Limit

  • Installing brand new solid wood cabinets
  • Changing out a bathtub or shower
  • Adding a state-of-the-art walk-in bathtub or roll-in shower to your bathroom
  • Installing tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring in place of your current flooring
  • Putting up new light fixtures
  • Installation of new quartz countertops and custom vanities
  • Replacing your sink, faucet, or showerhead with opulent choices from the industry’s most reputable brands, such as Jacuzzi, Moen, and American Standard
  • Installing in a fresh toilet or bidet
  • Updating the bathroom’s plumbing, ductwork, and electrical wiring
  • and a lot more

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Before you even consider hiring a bathroom remodelling company, you should consult with anyone who will be using the space. Try to have a conversation about the fixtures and finishes you’ll be using, as well as how much money you’re prepared to spend. It’s crucial to prepare for a little extra because you never know when unforeseen issues will arise, causing the cost to rise.

Here are some more budgeting suggestions:
Set aside at least 20% of your budget for unanticipated costs and unforeseen expenditures that will inevitably arise during your remodeling project.
Work with your family to determine the appropriate budgetary limits and stick to them.

This preparation will be extremely beneficial and go a long way toward ensuring that you stick to your bathroom renovation schedule as the project progresses. If you begin the renovation, keep in mind that it could take anything from as fast as a week for simple renovations to as long as 90 days to complete if you have extensive remodeling plans. If there are financial restrictions or difficulties, try to avoid the impulse to change your plans, no matter how long it takes. By delaying contractors, ordering new products, and moving your end date out further and further, changing your plans will result in additional hidden costs.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a plan for your bathroom, give us a call. With over 100 bathroor renovations completed in the last 7 years we can help provide you with a style, vision, and plan before we schedule our installers and order materials.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Style Choices

At least one bathroom with a sink, toilet, and bathtub is standard in most households. There are also optional extras including a tub and, in some cases, a bidet. Most people prefer an extra sink, particularly in households where the bathroom is frequently used by more than one person. The space available for two sinks, two vanities, and even two medicine cabinets should be taken into account when designing a master bathroom.

It’s important to look beyond the bathroom’s confines. Consider the overall appearance of your home. What kind of layout would be the most appropriate for the design? Is your favourite bathroom design complementary to the rest of your home? Keep in mind that not everything has to be perfectly coordinated to look good in your house. For example, not every door handle has to be bronze. A contrasting design, such as silver with bronze, may, however, be too distracting.

It’s important to combine the design of your bathroom and your master bedroom if you have one. Don’t use a loud, bright color that detracts from the main room’s theme. Make it an extension of the space that flows well without detracting from the bedroom’s grandeur. “Add, not change,” as the saying goes. Then there’s the issue of “functional zoning.”

This is a good way to design your bathroom layout around the concept of functionality. Instead of remodeling from a design standpoint, consider how you will use the room. The best way to plan an efficient space is to think about your lifestyle and how you will use the space. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, make sure to include this.

Your Bathroom Renovation Awaits!

Your bathroom can be as special as you are, with hundreds of different colours and materials to choose from, as well as bathtubs, sinks, showers, fixtures, tiles, and vanities. For a free estimate on how we can make the bathroom you’ve always imagined for yourself, call us today or email us online.

We’re located in Mission B.C., but we serve the entire Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Maple Ridge, And more to remodel bathrooms and whole homes. We’re excited to meet with you to talk about your bathroom remodeling ideas! We also provide Kitchen Renovation services as well as basement renovations and whole home renovations. Give us a call today!

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