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Kitchen Renovations In Mission B.C. by Full Scale Renovations

With over 100 kitchens built in the Fraser Valley over the last five years, the experts at Full Scale Renovations know what it takes to build the kitchen you’ve always imagined. Our team distinguishes itself from the competition by keeping current with design, materials, and concepts. We’re ready to help you remodel your kitchen today if you want to improve the enjoyment of your living room and the value of your house.

Our Mission B.C. kitchen remodeling crew takes the time to get to know you and appreciate your project goals. We perform a thorough analysis of your requirements to decide why you are remodeling your kitchen, who can use it, how it will be used, and other factors.

We collaborate closely with you to develop, refine, and implement a design that strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

Our remodeling team will guide you through every step of the process, offering you fresh ideas and advice based on more than three decades of industry experience. We use the highest-quality building materials and offer a wide range of the best kitchen items on the market.

We’ll assist you in sorting through the endless options for layouts, designs, lighting, fixtures, appliances, and more, transforming your kitchen into a work of art that you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime.

A kitchen renovation is a complicated project that depends on a variety of factors, including everything from workspace preparation and colour scheme selection to time and budget constraints.

In Mission, B.C., Full Scale Renovations offers full-service kitchen remodeling. Our Internal team handles every part of your project, saving you money and allowing you to communicate directly with everyone involved.

We also serve many other cities within the Fraser Valley. If you need a kitchen renovation in Abbotsford B.C. we can help you out! We also do other types of home renovations. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation in Mission B.C. give us a call!

Kitchen Design Trends

The most common features of kitchen renovations are still changing, and what was new and exciting 15 years ago has little relevance in today’s modern kitchen style. The following are some of the top kitchen style trends for now and the near future:

Open Concept Kitchens

An open concept kitchen is just that – a kitchen that is open to the dining room and beyond, with no walls or barriers separating it from the rest of the building. Open design kitchens are not only more open, making a home feel bigger than it is, but they’re also more welcoming. The days of the hostess being stuck in the kitchen cooking food as guests mingled in the dining area are long gone; now, open concept kitchens invite everyone into the room to participate in the planning, indulgence, and fun.


The kitchen island is just as revolutionary and welcoming as the open concept kitchen. Islands can be as basic as counter space where food can be cooked and visitors can gather, or they can be more utilitarian, with dishwashers, sinks, and even cooking ranges. Island bar stools are a great place for families and guests to share a drink or appetizers, do homework, or prepare a meal for loved ones. Furthermore, the kitchen island serves as the ideal transitional feature from the dining room or living room to the kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Both the island and the open concept are part of the overall minimalist design movement for 2015 and beyond. Stainless steel or bronze appliances, stone and granite, and light colours are replacing big bulky appliances and grandiose cabinetry in today’s kitchens.

Your Kitchen Renovations Dreams Come True

You may have fantasized about remodeling your kitchen, but have been hesitant due to concerns about the time and energy needed. That’s where Unique Builders & Development comes in: we’ll take care of your remodel from beginning to end, from supplying you with ideas for what will look fantastic in your room and budget-friendly designs to putting the final touches on your new space. To build the kitchen of your dreams, we promise to use only the highest-quality building materials. We will help you with a complete kitchen remodel, new kitchen counter tops, new custom cupboards, hardwood flooring, kitchen backsplash design, and more. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Your Dream Kitchen Can Be Yours

Do you want to modernize other aspects of your kitchen’s design? We have a wide range of kitchen remodeling services in Mission B.C. that will turn your kitchen into the dream kitchen of your dreams. We will assist you in upgrading your kitchen countertops, installing new tile or hardwood kitchen flooring, building new custom kitchen cabinets, designing a kitchen backsplash, and more.

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